EntireData collects data from any source you have access to.

We bring it all together to allow you to report on your company, and alert you if things are going wrong.

Financial Data

Automatically collect and analyse your company’s financial data. Integrates with most accounts software, e.g. Sage etc.

Marketing Data

Plan and analyse marketing campaigns for your business.

Website Stats

Analyse website traffic, see where your website visitors come from, and integrate with marketing.

Operational Data

Monitor the performance and efficiency of your company end to end.

Social Media

Collate data from Facebook, Twitter and others for marketing and sentiment analysis.

...and much more

Many additional data sources are also available, with more being added all the time.

EntireData is a completely new and innovative data collection and analytics service. Never before has there been a way to automatically collect, monitor, analyse, and report on all of the data from your business or operation. But it doesn’t stop there, as our unique algorithms are programmed to trigger alerts, so that you can monitor key performance indicators KPI’s and get notified the minute they occur, enabling you to take the appropriate action. We call this “Exceptional Reporting” and we believe this is the future of business and how we live our lives.

EntireData has been formed by a small team of technology and industry experts, who have years of experience in software development, as well as the technical and mathematical skills to make things work! EntireData has been borne out of the insight gained from many years of experience using technology to transform the way we do business. It was clear to us that using software automation was the future, and that our unique, modular and scalable approach would enable businesses to work more efficiently than ever before, and at a cost which is far lower than you might think.

How is this all possible?

Click and discover what EntireData can do for you.

Automatic Collection

All of your data in one place

Filter, shape and analyse your data

Monitoring and Alerts

Insights and Forecasts


EntireData powers the Retail Report, our cutting edge analysis tool for shopping centres and retailers.

Retail and affordability reporting at its best

Retail Report is a retail sales and affordability reporting service that automatically and seamlessly collects data from a wide range of sources.

Available on every device

Retail Report can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. It is designed for all devices from PCs to tablets and mobiles, and also allows you to create beautiful printed reports.